Important *Delegate Elections*

Staff meetings are to be held on September 3rd and 4th in most work-sites.  Please take that time to elect P.E.A. Delegates at your work-site for the 2019-20 school year. 
At each staff meeting, the Union must be provided with five minutes for P.E.A. business.  One of the most important items of business of the Union at this point is the election of P.E.A. Delegates for the 2019-20 school year.  With the many varied issues that remain from last year, it is imperative that each building has as many Delegates as is permitted by the Association’s By-Laws.

Elections are to be run in each building by Delegates from last school year.  If you did not yet vote for Delegates, PLEASE remind your Delegates to hold a special membership meeting for the purpose of nominating and electing your Delegates.  Make sure your election is held!

Remember that your worksite can have one Delegate for every fifteen P.E.A. members in the building.  Non-members may not be Delegates.  If you are uncertain as to your work site’s Delegate entitlement, elect the same number of Delegates as you had last year.
EVERY full dues-paying P.E.A. member has the right to stand for election as a Delegate.  Please give every member the opportunity to nominate him/herself or be nominated by his/her colleagues.
Elections must be held when the number of P.E.A. members who are candidates exceeds the allotted number of Delegates.  Please remember to report the results of all elections to the PEA ( before September 6, 2019.
A complete delegate handbook (part one and two) can be located on our website at  If you have questions, please call the P.E.A. office for assistance.  Thanks!

Thank you.

The P.E.A. Officers